Founder & CEO

Zaki Aqil

Zaki Aqil, CEO of GlobalPulse Sourcing and TradeHub, brings extensive experience in export and trade, enriched by his long residence in China. His deep knowledge of Chinese factories, suppliers, and the market makes him a key figure in the industry. Zaki’s expertise in navigating international commerce, especially within China, has been crucial to forging strong partnerships and guiding the company’s success in the global trade arena

TeamOur Expert Team

Meet our team at Global Pulse Sourcing & Trading Hub – a group of real pros who've got the Chinese market down to an art. They've been in the game for a good while, getting to know the ins and outs of not just China, but markets all around the world. What does this mean for you? Well, when it comes to finding just the right products that hit the spot for our customers, these guys are on it. They have this knack for zeroing in on exactly what's needed, blending their deep local insights with a broad global perspective. They're not your average team; they're more like market whisperers, tuned into the pulse of trade both near and far. With their mix of professionalism and a sharp eye for what works, our crew makes sure every deal we handle is spot on. They're the heart of why Global Pulse stands out, making us the go-to folks for sourcing and trading that really delivers